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Middle School ELA
We're definitely in uncharted territory as we're all scrambling to figure out how to handle digital learning... on top of the coronavirus pandemic. Fortunately for us, this happened during the 21st century when most students depend technology to get through the day. I wanted to share some of the digital resources I'm using with my students and also give you a folder full of FREE middle school ELA activities!

My students' favorite digital activities are escape rooms. I started creating my own digital escapes a couple years ago when planning for the dreaded... test prep. Finally I found test prep activities that my students were actively engaged in and begging for more. This is a great way to review skills that you have covered throughout the year. Since this is what we would normally be doing this time of year if we were at school, I decided why not let them do it from home. So next week, my students will be completing 2 ELA Digital Escape Rooms. All I have to do is share the link to the Google Form where the escapes are housed, and students are on their way. You can access these here.

Digital Escape Room

A FREE website that I use regularly is Quizizz. If you aren't familiar with Quizizz, it's a website that works from any device, and there are hundreds of ready-made quizzes that you can assign through Google Classroom, Canvas, Schoology (whatever Learning Management System you use) or by simply sharing the link from your class website. I have also used Quizizz to create digital escape rooms, as well. I explain that in detail here.


Edpuzzle is another one of my go-to platforms. This FREE website allows you to choose from tons of videos (including any video on Youtube, Khan Academy, your own personal videos, etc.) and then you're able to customize the video by clipping, recording voice audio, and adding quiz questions. To learn how to do this, click here.


Lastly, several middle school ELA teachers wanted to support you by gathering some of our digital learning resources. We hope these will help get you off to a good start. You can access these here until May 1st.

FREE ELA Resources

I'd love to hear how digital learning is going for you. Please let me know in the comments below. Have a healthy rest of the year!
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