Friday's News Link Up w/ RClassroomsRus

This week I'm joining RClassroomsRus for their Friday's News linky party!  This is a great place to get info on how to survive the last few weeks of school...and yes, you will survive!  I am fortunate enough to finally be able to say that I'm out for the summer!  YAY!  I thought it would NEVER come!  But those last couple of weeks were definitely a challenge.

So how did I survive???  Collaborative group work seemed to be the key this year.  First, a great review for end of year testing was my ELA End of Year Test Prep Task Cards.  This is 56 task cards that covers the following:  Common Core vocabulary, identifying different types of text structure, and point of view.  It can also work as a formative assessment after you've taught text structure, point of view, etc.

Another activity I always use during the last week of school is this End of Year Student Reflection.  This lets me know what they enjoyed most, what needed to be changed, and what I needed to avoid like the plague in the future. This product includes a reflection for both middle and high school students, as one includes pictures and the other is text only. It also includes a class specific reflection, in addition to one that is just about the school year in general.


  1. Great ideas! I love the layout of your End of Year Reflections! Super cute!

  2. Thanks so much!!! Being from NC, I love that you're an "ECU Pirate Teacher!"