Summer Prepare and Share

Today I’m so excited to link up with Once Upon a Classroom to share a couple of products that I think would be great activities to incorporate into your lessons!

The first product is great for the beginning of the school year, and this is my Beginning of the Year Student Interest Task Cards.  This product includes 18 task cards that ask questions which allow you to get to know your students right off the bat!  They aren't subject specific (there are a couple questions that pertain to reading) and can be used for grades 4-12. 

Another product that can be used, not only at the beginning of the school year (although I use them at the beginning to see what my students already know) but anytime that works best in your classroom, is Parts of Speech Task Cards.  This item is for grades 4-8 and includes 32 task cards on the following:  nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, and interjections.  The cards go over the definition of each part of speech, as well as requiring students to identify particular parts of speech as they're used in sentences.  

What are some of your beginning of the year go-to activities?  I'd love to hear, so please leave comments and let me  know!


  1. Hi Lyns! What a great idea to use task cards for student interest questions. I never thought of that. There are so many possibilities for task cards. I love to do "Me Bags" with my second graders at the beginning of the year to see what they share. Thank you so much for linking up! I hope you will link up again at the next two share events!
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  3. Thank you for stopping by! Task cards have became my go-to activity for EVERYTHING! I love them! I love your "Me Bags" idea! That would work with 6th graders too, don't you think?