Implementing Common Core Lit Terms w/ Videos

Implementing the Common Core vocabulary can often be boring for our students. We all know that when our kids are bored, they're less likely to comprehend the material.  Keeping this in mind, I decided to create activities that would allow my students to interact w/ the term as they are learning it.

This 'growing' product includes 30 literary terms (so far). Each time I introduce a new skill, I use the appropriate activity from my Common Core Literary Terms w/ Videos.  For example, when we started our fiction unit, I, of course, wanted students to be able to identify the parts of the plot.  To begin, I gave them a copy of the activity below, which they glued into their Interactive Reading Notebooks.  As you can see, it includes the word, definition, the word used in a sentence, a video explaining the term, and then a review question/activity.  They keep track of each term and the standard that it covers, using a tracking sheet (also included in this product).  I've found students to be much more excited about what we're going to do next by introducing the skills this way.  If you would like to have a FREE sample of this product, you can download that here!  Make sure to check out the full product here.

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