MLK, Jr. Activities

If you're looking for some engaging activities to celebrate the MLK, in your classroom, you've came to the right place!  Last year I found myself searching the web for interesting lessons to help my students learn more about Martin Luther King, Jr. while also still trying to cover the Common Core Standards.  That's when I decided to create this activity that includes EVERYTHING you need...just print and go!!!  You can check it out here!

What better way to learn about MLK, Jr. than with music videos???  With this activity, students will gain a better understanding of who Martin Luther King, Jr is. They will also analyze the lyrics/videos of "Pride (In the Name of Love)" by U2, in addition to comparing and contrasting John Legend's version of the song, as it relates to MLK, Jr.

Everything you need to complete this lesson is included:
• Lesson Plan
• Description of activities
• Graphic organizers for analysis of lyrics/video
• After video discussion
• Activity extensions
• Common Core Standards
• Answer Key

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