Why Students LOVE Quizlet

I've been using Quizlet for years in my classroom and love it so much that I recently completed the requirements to become a Quizlet Ambassador.  For those few (hopefully very few) who haven't used Quizlet before, it's a great website that allows both students and teachers to create their own study sets, based on any topic you're focusing on at the moment.  You can also use the search feature to find study sets others have created.  Using the info you plug in, Quizlet creates digital flash cards on the material you're studying.  But that's not all!  This amazing learning tool also generates interactive games and even tests, as well!

For those teachers who have students that struggle with word pronunciation or for students who are learning a new language, Quizlet has a text to speech feature.  Students can hear the words and definitions spoken out loud, and 18 different languages are currently supported.

In my classroom, we've used Quizlet to help prepare for almost every skill we learn.  From vocabulary to sentence structure, the options are endless.

Just when I thought Quizlet couldn't get any better, they came up with a collaborative game component, which allows students to work in groups to come up with the answer. With these simple steps, students are collaborating to choose the best answer choice using the study set you're currently working on:

  • Students go to
  •  Enter the game code that Quizlet automatically generates when you choose the "Live" option.
  • Students enter their name.
  • After all students have joined, Quizlet divides students into random groups.
Each group has to work together to match the correct word with the information provided to them.  Each group member has a different set of answers, so they are forced to communicate with one another in order to determine which group member has the correct answer.  It's the perfect tool to promote collaboration and communication.  What's even better, your students will BEG for more!!  
quizlet live

Quizlet in Action

Quizlet in Action

Have you used Quizlet in your classroom?  If so, how do you integrate this amazing resource?  I'd love to hear about it in the comments below.

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  1. I will be looking into this as I have heard about Quizlet, but never used it before. Thanks for the introduction.