Back to School Activities, Strategies, and FREEBIES

I hope those of you who are still out for the summer are enjoying your last few weeks. If you're like me and are back in the saddle, hopefully you've had a great start to the year. 

Who am I kidding? My first couple of weeks back to school did NOT go as planned. Although the district I teach in chose to go 100% virtual, the district my kids go to did not do this. They offered in person or distance learning; however, if you chose to sign up for virtual, you had to commit for the whole semester. This is not something my upcoming 9th and 6th graders wanted to do for their first year in high school and middle school. Long story short, on day 10 of school, both of my kids tested positive for Covid, so now we plan to keep them home until all this is over... 

The point of this blog post wasn't to share my sob story about my boys or discuss my hatred for Covid-19 (by the way- they're both feeling fine). What I do want to share are a couple strategies I've implemented this year in order to make things easier for both teachers and students, whether you're teaching in person or doing distance learning. 

#1- Daily Digital Agenda- this has been a life changer for me! Not only does it keep me on top of what we're doing, it allows students to know what we're doing that day, and if a student is absent, they can check the agenda to see what they missed. If you happen to use Schoology, here's a quick video that shows you how to add it as a button in the course, so students can't miss it. To access the FREE agenda template, click HERE.

#2- Exit Tickets- I always want to make sure my students understand the material we covered in class. Because of that, I created digital and printable exit tickets. They work for any subject area and can apply to whatever you covered that day. You can check these out here.
Exit Tickets

To check out all of my back to school resources, including digital escape rooms and more, click here.

What strategies for back to school do you implement that works? Are you doing online learning or in person? I'd love to hear all about them in the comments. Seriously... I need all the goods!

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